Relaxing massages with 2 or 4 hands

This relaxing interlude is tailor-made to suit your needs at the time. This full body massage will bring you relaxation and well-being. It will promote the release of muscular tension and energy circulation.


Duration: 60 min / 75 min / 120 min

Rates: 85€ / 115€ / 160€.


The 4-handed massage invites you to an extraordinary journey. During this treatment, 2 practitioners offer you their presence and their touch for a soft sensory experience.


Duration: 60 min / 75 min

Rates: 145€ / 185€.

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a gentle and soothing treatment that activates the body's natural ability to regenerate and protect itself. Its field of action is very wide: stress, sleep, muscular tension, digestion...

Sophie Sandres, practitioner of traditional foot reflexology and Chinese energy, welcomes you by appointment in your guest house Les Nuits Pétillantes.

Duration: 60min

Price: 80€.

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Massage for pregnant women and new mothers

Pregnancy deserves to be lived to the full and in complete serenity, this adapted treatment will allow future and new mothers (from the 4th month of pregnancy) to find relaxation and well-being.

A gentle, slow and enveloping massage that helps to soothe the mind and physical tensions of this special time.


Duration: 60 minutes

Price : 85€ for the day

Janzu® Aquatic Relaxation

Janzu®, a surprising aquatic massage made of softness and intensity, a truly immersive journey in warm water. While in the water, supported and enveloped, you let yourself go limp and are guided into delicate, continuous movement, letting go of control over your body. As your body relaxes, your joints regain their full mobility, and your mind is at ease – you rest. A novel treatment to relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce stress, and get back to a deep sleep.

Jérôme Ascione, Practitioner of the French school of Janzu® offers sessions by appointment in the heated pool of your guest house Les Nuits Pétillantes.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 85€.

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Lymphatic drainage

The Renata França method of lymphatic drainage is a manual technique that activates the lymph node chain and the lymphatic system. This activation releases accumulated toxins, thus reducing water retention. This technique reduces oedema, activates blood circulation and reduces the dreaded cellulite. The result is a less bloated and shapely body with an accelerated metabolism that gives a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Duration: 75 min

Price : 170€.

Bicycle hire

The Hérault unfolds its greenways and hilly roads for your pleasure. At your own pace, take the time to visit and observe nature, share sweet moments with your loved ones, in the garrigue or by taking the nearby cycle paths.

Electric bike, ideal for mountain biking on trails and bike paths. Available in your guest house upon reservation (according to availability)

Rates :

  • Half day : 40€.
  • Full day: 60€.
  • 2 days: 110€.


Cournonterral is ideally situated between the hills of La Moure and the Cardiole Massif which stretches over 9.5 miles (15 km). This unique environment invites you to walk in contemplation – it will delight nature lovers and backpackers alike.

Guide: Contact Audrey or Guillaume for more information

Wine tourism in Occitania

Let’s go to the Château Bas d’Aumelas, a wine estate a few kilometers from Cournonterral! Guillaume will guide you to this castle, a place that mixes tradition with passion. Immerse yourselves in the complex scents of the wine-making cellar from 1830. Here, the old ways of doing things are combined with modern processes. You will meet the Albenas brothers who will let you taste their wines and visit this historical place, a true gem of the Languedoc region.

Duration: 2 hours

Price : 90€/person 

Guide: Guillaume

Location: Château Bas d’Aumelas (20 min. from Les Nuits Pétillantes)